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Musician, songwriter and Berlin based artist Vanessa Sonnenfroh aka Seasoul has always balanced opposites in her songs. And when looking at opposites like Yin and Yang, Moon and Sun, or Nature and the City, it’s clear that opposites are often interdependent.

Welcome to the realm of Seasoul.

Seasoul is originally from Baden-Württemberg, where she was introduced to classical music from a young age. While travelling in Europe and New Zealand she formed a raw folk sound á la Bob Dylan and, inspired by his gigs in Greenwich Village in the early 60s, she played in pubs, cafe's and busked on the street.

Her lyrics reach into an emotional space that is impassioned, sometimes accusing, and sometimes observing from a distance as a narrator. Seasoul weaves a timeless sound-coat, a tapestry of melody and lyrics performed with grace. The mysterious sea is a kind of mental alter ego.
Motivated as ever, Seasoul moved from Hamburg to Berlin to study Music production. There, her career began to take shape as her musical horizon expanded with numerous concerts and the experience of working with other musicians. Seasoul has always followed her instincts and has never shied away from unfamiliar musical genres. Recently, she met a fellow producer to work with. Fabian Bork aka Dreammakers recognized Seasoul's interest in fusion, and the two of them have combined the sounds of the singer-songwriter genre with jazz harmonies. The result is dream pop, hip hop and soul with an array of folk lyrics over synthesizer atmospheres.

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