Born and raised in the South of Germany, Seasoul ran away from a rather painful home to New Zealand in 2014, after finishing school and surviving Schoolyards with the right Songs on her MP3-Player and the Dream to become a Musician one day. At the other side of the world she found her People, Colours and Sounds for the first time and a Soulmate, who named her “Seasoul”.

After her Travels, Seasoul moved to Berlin to study Musicproduction,  to collaborate with like-minded Souls and to dive into the Berlin Musicscene to write and sing – the only two things that wove the red thread in her constantly changing world.


This is how Seasoul sounds like.

After many Solo-Releases, some Chart-Moments with soft Techno Collabs with fellow Musicians like Felix Raphael, Yannek Maunz (u.a. Katermukke) or Brascon, she started working on 2 Albums.

One of them is gonna be released soon as a Solo-Project, one of them was started back in 2018 with her fellow Student Francesco Singelmann and needed some time to evolve and grow since that. Those two Albums are waiting for you and the right Moment & Time to be released.

Seasoul played her first self-booked Solo-Tour in Summer 2022, where she sang her Songs in Locations like the Baltic Sea Islands Amrum, Sylt and Föhr.

The following Year will be exciting, stay tuned and look out for moody Seas, new Songs and Storms.


Find current Releases on Spotify, Bandcamp, oder Apple Music.

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